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Fokker 50 MAYAir ‘Livery Transition-Virgin Australia’ ‘XA-UZN’
  • Fokker 50 MAYAir ‘Livery Transition-Virgin Australia’ ‘XA-UZN’

    SKU: MEXFK163-002

    Fokker Aircraft  Fokker 50-100 MAYAir ‘Livery Transition -Virgin Australia’ ‘XA-UZN’ CN: 20106  First Flight: 16/07/1987, Test Registration: PH-EXG, Engines : 2 X PWC PW125B , Delivery Date: 04/09/1987 to Ansett/Air NSW as VH-FNA, on 01/03/1990 to Change Name Airline as Ansett Express Shutle as VH-FNA, on 01/12/1993 to Merged to Ansett Australia as VH-FNA, on 01/08/1994 to STR in PER, on 16/07/1995 to Airtest, on 05/08/1995 to Skywest Airlines as VH-FNA, on  25/02/2013 to Returned to Lessor, Frd to TSV, on 11/04/2013 to Virgin Australia as VH-FNA, on 19/10/2016 to own by ALC, APU Investors LLC,/JMC Investments Pty, on 08/12/2016 to frd ASP-XSP, on 02/01/2017 to frd XSP-NBO, on 01/08/2017 to Sold by Aero-Pioneer of Africa as VH-FNA, on 27/11/2017 to Sold by MAYAir as XA-UZN, on 01/12/2017 Frd to ZNZ-KRT-HER-TRN-LUX-PIK-RKV-BGR-ATL-CUN For Airops 24

    • Resolución / Resolution

      Texturas en UHD (4096 x 4096)  / Textures by UHD (4096 x 4096)

    • Precio / Price

      Precio en Euros / Price in Euros

    • Versión

      FSX, FSX SE, P3D V4

    • Modelo / Model

      Fokker MK 50-100 Carenado Version 1.1

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