A319-132 (WT) Volaris 'Ana Marina' 'N474TA'
  • A319-132 (WT) Volaris 'Ana Marina' 'N474TA'

    SKU: MEXAIB540-132

    Airbus A319-132 (WT) Volaris 'Ana Marina' 'N474TA' CN: 1159 First Flight: 08/01/2000 Test Registration: D-AVWD, Engines: 2 X IAE V2524-A5 Delivery Date: 13/03/2000 To TACA as N474TA, on 27/03/2000 to own by FSB, on 07/03/2001 to tfd TACA Peru as N474TA, on 21/04/2001 to own by WFBN as N474TA, on 20/06/2006 to tfd Vuela Cia. de Aviacion - Volaris as N474TA, on 01/05/2013 to own by Jet-1 1159, as N474TA, on 03/05/2013 to Returned to Lessor as N474TA, 
    on 05/05/2013 to Frd TLC-GYR, on 04/11/2013 to Frd GYR-DUB. on 06/11/2013 to owen by Etihad AW, on 06/11/2013 to Air Serbia as A6-SAB,  on 13/02/2002 to tfd TACA Peru as N473TA on 20/02/2006 to Vuela Cia de Aviacion - Volaris as N473TA, Named 'Aracely' on 01/04/2013 to Returned to Lessor on 26/04/2013 to Frd TLC-TUS-GYR, on 28/10/2013 to own by Etihad AW, on 28/10/2013 to Leased by Air Serbia as A6-SAA, on 21/06/2014 to Changed Registration as YU-API

    • Modelo / Model

      FSLABS AIRBUS A320-X V5.0.1.100+

    • Resolución / Resolution

      Texturas en UHD (4096 x 4096)  / Textures by UHD (4096 x 4096)

    • Precio / Price

      Precio en Euros / Price in Euros

    • Versión / Version

      P3D V4.5 HF3 / P3D V5.1

    • Versión CANSIM

      V 2.0

    • Método de Compresión / Compression Method

      Compresion / Compression :  7z and Zip


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