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  • Avions de Transport Régional ATR 42-312F Regional Cargo ‘XA-RCA’

    SKU: MEXATR140-006

    Avions de Transport Régional ATR 42-312F Regional Cargo ‘XA-RCA’ CN: 0228 First Flight: 07/01/1991, Test Registration: F-WWEJ, Engines: 2 X PWC PW120F, Delivery Date: 31/01/1991 to Trans States Airlines as N426TE, on 01/01/2006 to own by BCC, on 17/01/2006 to Converted to Freighter in SAN, on 22/07/2006 to Sold by Nordic Aviation, on 01/03/2006 to Leased to Wiggins Airways as N426TE, on 13/04/2006 to Federal Express as N422WA, on 01/09/2007 to own by Laserline Lease Finance, on 07/09/2007 to Leased Aerolineas Regionales (Regional Cargo) as XA-RCA, on 06/08/2009 to Returned to Lessor WFBN as N422WA, STR in COE, on 02/09/2011 to Leased Solenta Aviation as ZS-XCD

    • Resolución / Resolution

      Texturas en UHD (4096 x 4096)  / Textures by UHD (4096 x 4096)

    • Precio / Price

      Precio en Euros / Price in Euros

    • Versión

      FSX, FSX SE, P3D V4

    • Modelo / Model

      VIRTUALCOL ATR Series Pack

    • Versión CANSIM

      V 2.0

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