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A300B4-203R TAESA ‘Standard Livery’ ‘XA-SYG’
  • A300B4-203R TAESA ‘Standard Livery’ ‘XA-SYG’

    SKU: MEXAIB157-048

    Airbus A300B4-203R TAESA ‘Standard Livery’ ‘XA-SYG’ CN: 211 First Flight: 15/09/1982, Test Registration: F-GBNV, Engines: 2 X GE CF6-50C2 Delivery Date: 22/12/1982 to Eastern Airlines as N229EA, on 01/07/1991 to Continental Airlines as N14973, on 27/06/1991 to Returned to Lessor, Frd IAH-STN, owen by Elec-JP92, on 30/07/1995 Leased to TAESA as XA-SYG, on 01/04/1996 to Returned to Lessor FRD MEX-MIA, on 25/08/1996 to Pan Am as N862PA, on 28/01/1998 to Returned to Lessor, on 02/02/2008 to owen by FSB, on 01/03/1998 to P.G Aviation VIII, as N821SC, on 20/04/1998 to Air Alfa as TC-ALU, on 26/10/1998 to Returned to Lessor, as N821SC, on 02/11/1998 Frd AMS-FZO, on 02/03/1999 to Converted to Freighter, on 09/12/1999 to Tradewinds Airlines as N821SC, on 18/04/2004 to Subleased to Air Macau as N821SC, on 2