• Boeing 737-33A(WL) Magnicharters 'Magni Man Livery' 'XA-UQX'

    SKU: MEXBA038-007

    Boeing 737-33A(WL) Magnicharters ‘Magniman Livery’ ‘XA-UQX’, MSN: 23827/1444 Engines: CFM56-3B2, First Flight: 08/09/1987, Test Registration: (N12843), Delivery Date: 09/10/1987 to Monarch Airlines as G-BNXW, on 01/11/1988 to Norway Airlines as LN-NOR, on 01/01/1989 to Air Europe as G-BNXW, on 19/02/1991 to Inconnu as LN-NOR, on 20/04/1991 to Air Europe as G-BNXW, on 26/04/1991 to Norway Airlines as LN-NOR, on 14/03/1992 to Air Columbus as CS-TIN, on 28/04/1995 to Air Malta as 9H-ACS, on 13/11/1995 to TAP Air Portugal as CS-TIN on 21/02/2000 to Transbrasil as PT-TEX, on 26/02/2002 to Euro Atlantic Airways as CS-TMZ, on 01/07/2003 to Air Plus Comet as EC-IPS and on 05/2003 The Aircraft was added Winglets, On 29/05/2006 to Hamburg International as D-AHIG and the aircraft was stored waited for another Operator, on 16/07/2009 to Airlift Service as Z3-AAJ, On 05/2012 was Stored as N195AQ (WFBN), on 10/08/2012 to Magnicharters as XA-UQX.  


    Aquí encontrará las Texturas para el Modelo Boeing PMDG 737-700NGXWL 


    Here you will find the Textures for the Model Boeing PMDG 737-700NGXWL 

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      Texturas en UHD (4096 x 4096)  / Textures by UHD (4096 x 4096)

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      FSX, FSX Steam, P3D V4


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