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Boeing 737-7EA Lineas Aéreas Azteca ‘XA-AEQ’
  • Boeing 737-7EA Lineas Aéreas Azteca ‘XA-AEQ’

    SKU: MEXBOE247-073

    Boeing 737-7EA Lineas Aereas Azteca ‘XA-AEQ’ CN: 32407/0904, First Flight: 16/07/2001, Test Registration: N1786B, Engines: 2 x CFMI CFM56-7B24, Delivery Date: 31/07/2001 to Lineas Aereas Azteca as XA-AEQ, on 06/03/2007 to Ceased Operations STR in ONT, on 27/06/2007 to Pacific Aircorp seizes the aircraft for nonpayment of back rent from other aircraft as N160CK, on 09/06/2008 to owened by Global ALP as N160CK, on 10/06/2008 to owen by WFBN as N160CK, on Frd ONT-SJO, on 05/08/2008 to Varig as PR-VBP, on 19/10/2008 to GOL Transportes Aereos as PR-VBP, (Merged)

    • Modelo / Model

      PMDG 737-600/700 NGX V1.20.885

    • Resolución / Resolution

      Texturas en UHD (4096 x 4096)  / Textures by UHD (4096 x 4096)

    • Precio / Price

      Precio en Euros / Price in Euros

    • Versión / Version

      FSX, FSX SE, P3D V4.4

    • Versión CANSIM

      V 1.0

    • Método de Compresión / Compression Method

      Compresion / Compression :  zip and ptp

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