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Boeing C-97G Aeropacifico ‘Sticker Organización Bimbo’ ‘XA-PII’
  • Boeing C-97G Aeropacifico ‘Sticker Organización Bimbo’ ‘XA-PII’

    SKU: MEXBOE295-086

    Boeing 367/C-97G Stratofreighter CN:17149/888, Built as a KC-97L, First Flight 08/12/1953, Test Registration: 53-3816, Delivery Date: 24/12/1953 to USAF as 53-3816, until his retirement on 18/12/1987,  Ex 53-3816, the last 367 built. In storage since the late 1980's After retirement from the USAF, in 1987 the Bimbo Bread Corp of Mexico (odd name) used her for flights between Mazatlan and La Paz for the delivery of bread. One note states that she was in service for 1 year and another one states 4-5, a bit confusing. After ending her time with AeroPacifico because it was cheaper to deliver the goods by ship, it was ferried to Tucson, AZ., on 01/08/2003 to Acquired by Berlin Airlift Historical Foundation for spares. Scrapped early 2003 at TUS

    • Modelo / Model


      Manfred Jahn

    • Resolución / Resolution

      Texturas en UHD (4096 x 4096)  / Textures by UHD (4096 x 4096)

    • Precio / Price

      Precio en Euros / Price in Euros

    • Versión / Version

      FSX-P3D V4.5 HF3-P3D V5.2 HF1

    • Versión CANSIM

      V 1.0

    • Método de Compresión / Compression Method

      Compresion / Compression :  7z and Zip

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