British Aerospace BAE 146-100A Aviacsa 'XA-RST'
  • British Aerospace BAE 146-100A Aviacsa 'XA-RST'

    SKU: MEXBAe175-001

    British Aerospace Bae 146-100A Aviacsa ‘XA-RST’ CN: E1015, First Flight: 16/04/1984, Test Registration: G-5-01, Engines: 4 X Lycoming ALF 502R-5,  Delivery Date: 06/12/1984 to Aspen AW as N461AP, on 01/05/1990 to Ceased Operations, Returned to Bae Systems PLC, on 06/12/1991 to Aviacsa as XA-RST, on 18/03/1992 to Returned to Lessor Bae Systems, on 01/05/1992 to CNB as N568BA, on 22/08/1993 to Terurned to Lessor STR in IGM, on 22/09/1995 to Paukn-Pan Air LA as EC-971, on 19/12/1995 to Cgange Registration as EC-GEP, on 23/12/1998 to DebonAir as G-DEBN, on 15/10/1999 to Returned to Lessor STR in LTN on 13/01/2000 to British Ayrways as G-MABR, on 31/03/2002 to British AW CitiExpress as G-MABR, on 01/02/2006 to BA Connect as G-MABR, on 01/05/2007 to FlyBe as G-MABR, on 20/12/2007 to Owned by APL – Transferried ATM as N146AP, on 29/01/2008 to Asian Spirit as RP-C8538, on 26/12/2008 to Subleased by Zest AW as RP-C8538, on 04/09/2009 to Manunggal Air as PK-VTA, on 01/10/2014 to Subleased by SkyJet as RP-C8538

    • Resolución / Resolution

      Texturas en QWHDT (4096 x 4096)  / Textures by QWHDT (4096 x 4096)


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      Precio en Euros / Price in Euros

    • Versión

      FSX, FSX Steam, P3D V4

    • Modelo / Model

      The Ultimate 146 Collection for QualityWings Simulations 


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